On moving

It's moving time.
When we first signed our new lease a week or so ago, I was in love with our new place and so excited to move in.
Now that the time has come and I have been trying to pack and clean, I've become really sentimental about this little place.
Maybe it's because this feels like our first REAL place .
We have lived in so many different spaces, a lot being student housing,
but now we have moved away from where we met as students and started our own life here.
Away from everything we were used to.
So I can't help but be a little sad to move on, even if it is just up a few stories.
Don't get me wrong, I am still excited to move, but i'll miss our space.
By the way, you can see about 90 percent of our 880 square feet in two views.
Here is the proof.


Tara : Damon : Ellis : Hudson said...

i can't believe you lived in a loft... you have to keep it clean ALL THE TIME. amazing.

AandM Gassin said...

Aw...I love your place. So excited for you that you're moving though! Let us know if you need help!